Why premium brand dental implants are worth saving for

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Wednesday, 3 April, 2019

Dental implants have a reputation for being expensive. So why wouldn’t you look overseas for a cheaper alternative? We explore the importance of dental implant quality and why the usual rules of ‘grabbing a bargain’ don’t apply.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a permanent way to replace a missing tooth or teeth. With a dental implant, the implant replaces the root of your tooth and is attached directly into the bone of your jaw.

Why should I have my implants done at home?

The procedure is highly involved as we work to create a durable and natural looking replacement of your tooth. It also requires ongoing treatment and monitoring after the initial surgery to ensure the implant’s titanium post has fused successfully to your jaw, ensuring the implant stays in place.

There are also serious considerations around after care to consider. Problems with infection or poor integration to the bone can occur. It is far safer and ultimately more cost effective to have your dental  implants at home in Australia where dental hygiene standards are high and emergency after-care is readily available.

Why should I pay more for premium brand implants?

There’s a saying that goes ‘you get what you pay for’. Yes, clinics offering dental implants in places like Bali are cheap, but there is limited quality control and hygiene standards.

In Australia, premium dental implant brands such as Astra and Straumann adhere to the strictest of standards. Brands like these are the Rolls Royce of implants and have significant scientific studies to prove their effectiveness and longevity.

How long do dental implants last?

Implants can last many decades. They are a predictable way of replacing missing teeth and when properly used can prevent bone loss in the jaw area. Bone loss can occur when teeth are missing in the jaw, causing a compromised smile and aging look. Implants keep the jaw solid and stop your face from changing shape prematurely.  

Can multiple teeth be replaced with implants?

Yes, all-on-4 dental implants are widely used to replace all upper or lower teeth. This means four titanium implants support a fixed dental prosthesis that is used to hold between 10 and 14 teeth.

How much do dental implants cost?

The average cost of a dental implant by an experienced practitioner in Australia using high quality implant technology is between $5000 and $6000.

It’s important to remember that although the one-off cost is higher, dental implants are much more durable than dentures, bridges, and other missing-tooth replacement options. The investment in your health is certainly worth it over the longer term.

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Dr Emily Squirrell graduated dentistry from Griffith University where she was awarded the prize for academic excellence each year. As a true local, born and bred on the Gold Coast, Emily is an ideal fit for the team at Teeth on Ferry. As a clinician, Emily is known for her gentle and friendly nature whilst maintaining a through and meticulous approach to her clients’ oral health needs. Being a perfectionist at heart, she is dedicated to maintaining and developing her skills in every aspect of dentistry by regularly attending seminars and courses. Outside of dentistry, Emily enjoys spending time outdoors, travel and discovering new places.