I need a dentist expert tips

Look out for dentists with little-to-no experience: Dentists should have experience with patients who require both partial or full dentures if they are to perform the procedure.

Be cautious in regards to caring for your dentures: Dentures require care, just like normal teeth, to maintain oral health. Whenever possible, dentures should be immediately cleaned by brushing and soaking. It is also important to care for gums, tongue, palate and any remaining natural teeth.


Full or complete dentures replace all natural teeth while partial dentures rest on an acrylic or metal framework, and are attached to the remaining natural teeth.


Dentures are used to replace natural teeth that have been lost. Loss of teeth may be a result of gum disease, tooth decay, trauma or genetic abnormalities. Dentures are a viable option when many teeth are missing on both sides. Dentists however, are trained to save the natural tooth, so dentures should only be recommended as a last resort.


Dentures usually feel strange initially and may require slight adjustment in the first week or two while seating themselves. Minor sore spots or tenderness that may develop tend to heal within a day or so. Many people find that they require time to adjust to the changes associated with dentures, such as changes to the appearance of teeth, as dentures often feel unnatural at first. Speech and sense of taste may also be impacted initially, and some patients may experience some nausea after having the dentures set; there may also be difficulty eating though this will subside. If you are in severe distress, contact your dentist.


Average cost is $1200

Dentures require 4-6 appointments


Do you often work with patients who require dentures? If your dentist does not, they should recommend a dental prosthetist.

Will I be able to keep some of my teeth or should I consider a full set of dentures? There can be benefits associated with each option, discuss your own personal needs with your dentist.

What will be the total cost of the procedures and prosthesis? Also ask whether follow-up appointments for adjustment will be included.

Can I see previously completed procedures? A competent and confident dentist with experience will not have anything to hide.

Handle dentures with care and keep in water when they are not in the mouth. Take care with delicate partials and ensure clasps fit so that they do not rub or wear teeth.