Dental Implants

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A person’s body may, though rarely, reject a dental implant: The rare rejections that occur are caused by rare allergies to the titanium alloy that makes up the implant.

Watch out for a dentist using cheap implants: these brands will often have limited evidence to support long-term success

A dentist who does NOT use a surgical guide to place the implant: a surgical guide allows for designing the surgery digitally and helps to ensure patient safety and accuracy.


Technically, the implant itself refers only to the titanium screw. This screw is secured into the jaw, acting as an artificial tooth root. After oral surgery, the biocompatible metals designed to be accepted by the body, fuse with the jawbone and support bone growth. This provides the support for the abutment and crown that form the rest of the prosthetic tooth.

A dental implant, if taken care of properly, is expected to last upwards of forty years and often last a lifetime.


Your teeth play a large role in your digestive system, your speech and your appearance. They also promote a strong jawbone; the more you chew, the stronger the bone and the more support for your teeth. When teeth are missing, the jawbone will begin to deteriorate and neighbouring teeth may loosen and shift out of place to fill the gap, or fall out themselves.


An implant requires one appointment to place the implant, with 2 to 3follow up appointments to assess healing and to place the final crown.


Average cost is $5000, including the white crown on top. 


What brand of implants is used? Once you know the brand your dentist uses, you can do your own research into whether this brand is right for you. Popular brands include Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Biomet 3i, Astra Tech and MIS.

Do you use surgical guides when placing implants? Digitally planning implants and using a surgical guide ensures patient safety.

How many dental implants do you place per year? This will provide a good idea of how knowledgeable your implant dentist is. You should ideally be looking for a dentist who specialises in implants, as they will have much more expertise.