Early Loss of Baby Teeth

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Tuesday, 30 October, 2018

It may come as a surprise to most, but the primary teeth (baby teeth or milk teeth) play a large role in the future health of the permanent teeth. Baby teeth can be lost early for a number of reasons, such as decay, gum disease, and trauma. It is vital that your child has regular dental check-ups to identify any issues, as well as having a solid home hygiene routine and healthy nutritional habits. It is most important that the early loss of baby teeth is prevented. Some of the ways in which baby teeth have an impact on future oral health are outlined below.

Need for Braces

The early loss of a baby tooth leads to the other teeth leaning in to fill the space where the missing tooth once was. This means that now there is not enough room for the developing permanent tooth to push through. This can lead to crowding and other issues, and a subsequent need for the child to have braces placed later in life.

Damage to Permanent Teeth

Traumatic injury to a baby tooth (for example from a child falling over or knocking their mouth on a bench) can cause damage to the developing permanent teeth, even when they are still entirely within the jaw bones. This is because the developing tooth bud is susceptible to damage when a baby tooth root is forced against it from a fall or knock. This can lead to the permanent tooth having an abnormal appearance, or even not erupting at all.

Self Esteem, Speech and Nutrition

Having an abnormal number of gaps for an extended length of time can lead to issues with the child's speech development, which in turn may lead to issues with self-esteem. It is also important to maintain a child's teeth to ensure that they can chew solid food to receive the proper nutrition. Chewing also helps with the development of the jaw bones and muscles. 


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